Indulge a passion for the arts at an evening to celebrate the rich cultural world of one of Europe's most sucessful nations. Seventeenth-century Holland enjoyed a Golden Age in which her art and music were among the most acclaimed in the world. The paintings focus on everyday life and domestic music making, providing an unusual insight into the social climate at the height of the famous financial crash - the "tulip mania" of 1637.

Emma Murphy - voice and recorder
Penelope Spencer - violin
Ibi Aziz - viola da gamba
Lynda Sayce - theorbo/guitar
Kathryn May - harpsichord/organ


Engels Nachtegaeltje, from Der Fluyten Lusthof, Amsterdam, 1649

Stort Tranen Uyt - Lament on the death of Prins Willem van Oranje 1584

Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck(1562 - 1621) - Onder een Linde Groen

Jacob Van Eyck(c1590 - 1657) - Doen Daphne d'Over (recorder and song versions)

Nicholas Vallet b.1583
-Slaep Zoete Slaep;
-Gaillarde du Comte Essex

Johan Schop, Amsterdam (1659) - Lachrimae Pavaen

J. Schenck, 1688 - Sonata in F major (Tyd en Konst Oeffeningen)

Suite from 't Uitnement Kabinet, Amsterdam 1659

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