This is one of our most popular programmes and was inspired by the famous painting "La Tarantelle" by Jacques Sablet (1749 - 1803). In the painting, Neapolitan peasants dance the Tarantella - an ancient dance imbued with the power to exorcise the lethal spider's bite. It was commonly believed that the character of the spider would dictate the form of the malady would take, therefore, the performers had to adapt the style of the Tarantella to suit the symptoms. For this reason, Tarantellas were always to be improvised!

Penelope Spencer - violin
Oliver Webber - violin
Eligio Quintiero - theorbo/guitar
Silas Standage - harpsichord/organ


Andreas Falconieri (1585 - 1656)
- Battallia de Barabasso yerno de Satanas (The battle of Barabasso, brother-in-law of satan)
- Folias echa para mi Senora Dona Tarolilla de Carallenos
(Folias written for my mistress Mme Tarolilla de Carallenos)

Bernardo Pasquini(1637 - 1710) - Toccata and Folia

Arcangelo Corelli(1653 - 1713)
- La Folia Opus V
- Trio Sonata 'da chiesa'Opus 1/1X
- Trio Sonata - Ciaccona

Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger(c1580 - 1651) - Coascione

Tarantella Napolitana, tono hypodorio - Improvisation

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