Exquisite musical gems of the 17th century

Around 1600, cataclysmic events occurred in the world of music the effects of which would shape the course of western music for the following centuries. Along with the invention of opera around 1600, the birth of the violin would prove to be one of the major turning points of music as musical tastes changed to be more geared to the hedonistic and expressive.

In 'Sublime Inspiration' we uncover some lost gems of this exciting and mercurial period, and re-lived the excitement of a period of musical ferment and experimentation which prompted some of the most innovative music of the baroque period.

Penelope Spencer - violin
Reiko Ichise - viola da gamba
Lynda Sayce - theorbo
Kathryn Cok - Harpsichord

Concert Programme

Dario Castello, (Venice, early 17th c.):Sonata Prima

Johann Jakob Walther, (1650 - 1717):Scherzo

Giovanni Picchi, (fl 1600-25):'Passa e mezzo' for solo harpsichord from Intavolatura di balli d'arpicordo

Filippo Piccinini,b ?Venice, fl.1639:Chiaccona Cappona alla vera Spagnola

Diego Ortiz, (c1510 - c1570)
Recercada Segunda sopra 'Il Passemezzo'
Recercada Quinta sopra 'La Spagna'
Recercada Settima sopra 'La Romanesca'

Biagio Marini,(1594 - 1663):Romanesca

Arcangelo Corelli,(1653 - 1713):Sonata OpV.III

Thomas Baltzar'(1630 - 1663):John Come Kiss

Listening Cards