This programme is an opportunity to hear rarely heard but important music by J.S. Bach, which is often missing from regular concert programming. The virtuosic fugue in g minor for violin and harpsichord is his earliest surviving piece of chamber music. Bach and his friend, the virtuoso lutenist Leopold Weiss, collaborated on the “Suitte” in a Major, and Bach used the bass line of BWV 1021 for teaching purposes (it appears again in the trio sonata BWV 1038 which is probably by a Bach son). The hauntingly beautiful sonata in c minor, now possibly attributed to the violinist Johann Pisendel, gives us insights into the characteristic style of Bach's preferred violinist

Penelope Spencer - violin
Lynda Sayce - lute
David Roblou - harpsichord

Concert Programme

J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
Suite in a major for violin and obbligato harpsichord BWV 1025
Sonata e minor for violin and bc. BWV 1023
Sonata g major for violin and bc BWV 1021
Fugue g minor for violin and bc BWV 1026
Sonata c minor for violin and bc. BWV 1024

Listening Cards