In 'Aurora' we hear sounds of the early baroque music 'spoken' with strong eastern accents. We focus on the music of Spain and Italy which reveals fascinating insights into the influence of the East on the beginnings of Baroque music. The great cathedral of San Marco in Venice looks strikingly Islamic - and the music has a similar tendency from this incredibly culturally rich period at the dawn of the baroque.

The Islamic Moors had predominated in Spain from about 700 - 1600 bringing with them an incredibly vibrant and sophisticated culture to Europe, and we still feel the impact of their knowledge and inspiration in many fields such as medicine, philosophy and the arts. Especially music was influenced by their strong dance tradition and a unique rhythmic vitality and melodic quirkiness gives Spanish music an unmistakable, irresistible quality.

Penelope Spencer - violin
Eligio Quintiero - theorbo and guitar
William Hunt - viola da gamba
James Johnstone - harpsichord

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